Tomato on suya

Why do Nigerians love suya?

Nigerians surely love Suya.

And there are even some Nigerians whom the absence of cash won’t prevent from having a taste of Suya every night. “Aboki abeg, make dem cut for me make i take follow up.” They would request for it with a kind of passive pride.

Nigerian Suya ( Meat Khebab)

Nigerian Suya ( Meat Khebab)

These suya faithfuls are usually scattered here and there, but most especially, they are found in the street side of Warri.

So why do Nigerians love suya? We try to explain

1. Suya is Tasty:

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Instagram photo by @villagesuya

The taste of suya is a thing that only experience can explain. Its deliciousness goes beyond the limitations of words. And unless your taste buds are numb, the sweetness of suya is a sweetness that can actually compete with any other sweetness.

2. Suya is Cheap and Affordable:

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You do not have to spend much to partake in its deliciousness. It can be purchased by both the rich and the poor; no one is denied the merriment. And although ridiculous amount are sometimes spent on it,  this only testifies how endless one can go in its savouring.

3. Suya is Ever Trending:

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Suya never goes out! Its availability compels trust, and that trust never fails. It is ever present to its consumer. And should it happen that as a result of the vendor’s absence one stand is wanting in provision, its replacement present itself- in just a stone throw.

4. Anywhere, anytime, location is never a barrier to Nigerian Suya:

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Instagram photo by @africanfoods

From the biggest cities to the remote corners, a spot is ever made available for the availability of suya.  And be it 3pm or 1am, the aroma of suya still reign supreme.

5. Suya Never Fails:

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There is no such thing as a bad suya. Its loveliness is always represented. Countless are the things one can discard as a result of a decline in quality after an immediate buying. But then one thing is certain, suya is never found in that list; however it is being prepared.

The mouth always accepts it with gracefulness.